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Happy Birthday Quake!

Quake is now 25 years old, let's celebrate with a birthday party for Ranger! But, what's a party without presents? In this weapon pak, you'll find nostalgic toys, gag gifts and fun tools that you can "share" with your friends throughout the Slipgate! The pak includes 10 new weapons to discover throughout the original Quake campaign, as well as being compatible with vanilla style Quake maps and mods! Each weapon has been balanced to feel fresh and just as impactful as the original arsenal with new mechanics and unique gameplay changes.

A complete weapons guide with detailed stats and spoilers is included. Installation help and weapon setup is also included. Recommended engines to use are QuakeSpasm, QuakeSpasm-Spiked and DarkPlaces (not compatible with the Rerelease/Remastered version!) This pak was developed using FteQccGui and tested in both singleplayer and multiplayer.

For a fresh install, extract the "pak2.pak" into your QuakeSpasm / "id1" folder. Then run QuakeSpasm.exe, open the console using "~" and enter:   

bind 9 "impulse 109";    bind 0 "impulse 110"   

This will let you equip the weapons in slot 9 and 10 for later. 

Let me know if you find any major issues so they can be fixed in future updates. Thank-you to everyone who helped in the Quake Mapping Discord!
- Kebby_

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I love it, thank you

Keep making the magic.  :D

Cool weapon pack Man 👍💪