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A total conversion mod for Quake  featuring familiar plastic blocks.

Block-Quake features the Vanilla Pak version 1.1 and includes support for Copper using the new Copper Pak version 1.1

  • blockquake_vanilla.pak is designed to replace models and monsters from Quake.  This pak can be combined with most id1 styled mods and maps.
  • Both of these Block-Quake paks are compatible with the Quake Remastered version of Steam and support the official add-on campaign Underdark Overbright & Copper (udob). Please note, that the installation process is different depending on which source port you use, more information below!

Mods and Maps:

  • The Block-Quake mod can only convert the original "id1" or "copper" file contents.  If you play another mod that uses "id1" as it's base, like a map-jam, everything should work just fine.
  • If you are playing a large overhaul mod that adds new enemies and weapons like Arcane Dimensions or Alkaline, expect to see a lot of unblocky looking enemies and weapons.  Big mod projects like those won't be supported with blocky content for a very long time, sorry!
  • A blocky themed enemy test room is included with the blockquake_vanilla.pak.  To play it, open the console and type: 
    "map blocky_devroom_vanilla_v4" then press enter.
  • I'm hoping to add lots more maps after the Blocky texture pack is complete!

Supported Source Ports:

  • QuakeSpasm  (version 0.93.2 or higher)
  • QuakeSpasm-Spiked
  • DarkPlaces
  • Qrack
  • JoeQuake
  • Quake Remastered KEX engine.
  • Ironwail  (highly recommended!)

Completed progress:

  • Blocky themed characters, enemies and boss models, textures and animations.
  • Blocky themed weapon pickups, weapon model textures and animations.
  • Blocky themed ammo, armor, items, projectiles, props and powerup models.
  • Blocky themed test map (blocky_devroom_vanilla_v4).
  • New Copper content: 20fps axe, Knight fixes, colored keys and backpacks

Future Features:

  • Blocky themed sound effects for weapons, enemies and objects.
  • Blocky themed hud and gui graphics.
  • Possible mod support for online multiplayer modes like QuakeWorld CTF (maybe!)
  • Finish the blocky blood gib models for the source code overhaul version.
  • Implement the new source code changes for a ProgsDump version.
  • Create a "Friendly" version with mature themes censored for younger audiences.
  • Finish the blocky texture wad, possibly replacing the "id1" wad?
  • Create some blocky themed maps and maybe have a Block-Quake Map-Jam!  (eventually)


Block Quake - Copper 1.1
Fixed off-center model origin point for ammo and health pickups

I have lots of features planned that I'd like to include, but these will take a long time to create and implement, thank you for being so patient, see you in the future!  -Kebby_⚙️

For more blocky news and updates, check out the Blocky-Discord: Block-Talk

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blockquake_vanilla.pak 37 MB
blockquake_copper.pak 9 MB
Block Quake Vanilla & Copper INSTALLATION README REMASTERED.pdf 264 kB

Install instructions

Block-Quake Vanilla & Copper
with Quake Remastered on Steam

For more information and a detailed step-by-step guide on installing Block-Quake Vanilla & Copper for Quake Remastered, see the Readme PDF.

Block-Quake Vanilla with Source Ports

  • If you are playing Quake with a Source Port (not Quake Remastered) place the "blockquake_vanilla.pak" into your source port's "id1" folder.  Rename the blockquake_vanilla.pak to: "pak2.pak"
  • If you just want to play Block-Quake Vanilla, you're all done, have fun!

Block-Quake Copper with Source Ports

  • If you want copper mods to work with Block-Quake, you'll need to add the Block-Quake Copper pak into your copper game folder.
  • You'll need to already have a copper game folder installed in your main source port directory.  For more information about the copper mod, read through the guides on the official copper site, here:  http://lunaran.com/copper/download/  
  • Once you've setup your copper game folder, place the "blockquake_copper.pak" inside and rename it to: "pak1.pak"
  • Now run your Quake source port, while in-game open the command console with tilde "~" and type "game copper".  If everything is installed correctly, you should see a block background and a Copper colored Q in the menu.  Have fun!

Uninstalling Block-Quake

While uninstalling, be careful not to accidentally delete your Quake game files!  Always make sure you know which files are being removed.  Double check the file dates if you are unsure which pak is which.  

  • Block-Quake Vanilla: remove "pak2.pak" from your source port's "id1" folder.
  • Block-Quake Copper: remove "pak1.pak" from the "copper" game folder.

An alternative option is to just rename the paks back to: "blockquake_vanilla.pak" and: "blockquake_copper.pak" respectively.  This method disables the blocky content, without deleting anything, and you can re-enable it by renaming it back.

  • More information about uninstalling the Quake Remastered paks is in the Readme PDF.


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Thank you. I think that never finished Quake because for me the enemies were awful and distracting in a detrimental way, but with only the esthetic change, I feel like I will be finishing the game and that you made me love it.

What license is this distributed under, if you don't mind me asking?


This is the best thing to happen to Quake in a decade.


This is the best thing to happen in a decade.

tiene multiplayer local o online?


Now, this is Qute! Family friendly version with... heads falling down and red blocks representing blood or internal organs... Really loving it! I'm surprised it's using original mdl format models! I was sure it's md5 or iqm or something else.

(1 edit)

it work on quake III arena?

This mod's only compatible with Quake 1. 


i can't wait to buy quake when the summer sale come out, this looks so cool and cute


Thanks a lot, this is such a fun reskin and it looks amazing.

Best of luck for your future projects!

Deleted 1 year ago

You should not have to replace any of the original Quake paks to install or remove Block-Quake.  Do not merge game paks and mod paks together, keep your pak files separate by number naming them.

From your comment about pak1, it sounds like you tried to merge Quake's pak1 file by renaming Block-Quake's pak2 into pak1.  Only rename the mod pak if you are playing the Remastered version.  Double check the correct directory path is "Quake / rerelease / Id1" folder and NOT "Quake / Id1".  Renaming the pak2 to pak1, and installing in the wrong directory will override the original Quake pak1 with Block-Quake. 

In response to removing the mod, I said only move or delete the Block-Quake pak files.  I didn't want people to accidently delete their Quake game paks and there is no way to tell which one is which if they are named incorrectly or put in the wrong folders.  Always double check the pak contents first.


Thanks for your response, Kebby.

I must have just goofed then. I understood what you meant, but I must have just not double checked I was in the correct directory.

I really like that your trying to make the mod family friendly so it could be like an actual game that lego released way back then and became a cult classic, sorta like chex quest. Good Job!

i wonder if this means it could be played on the switch quake as a mod

Would censored mode be optional if it were to ever come to pass?

Would it be possible to include the monsters and weapons from the mission packs scourge of armagon & Dissolution of eternity into this?

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I had considered remaking the mission packs for Block Quake, but I would need to recreate: 10 enemies, 8 weapons, 7 powerups, and 9 bosses.  That's almost just as big as regular Quake! 

Most of those models could be Blocky reskins, like the lava nails or statue enemies.  Unique enemies like the Scorpion, Gremlin and Dragon need brand new Blocky models, armatures, animations, textures and play testing. 

Right now, I just don't have as much free time as I did when I started.  This also means I probably won't be able to support big overhaul mods like Alkaline or Arcane Dimensions.  Copper would be an easy one right now, it just needs some files renamed and a few 20fps animation tweaks.

I have lots of plans for future updates, Blocky texture packs, Blocky themed maps, a possible Block-Jam, new gameplay features and more mod compatibility.  Right now I'm focusing on helping players install the mod so they can play it.  I've also been simplifying the installation process, to make it less confusing for first time modders.

Now that the mod is public, I'm hoping to make an explanation video to better address commonly asked questions, suggestions and talk more about my future Blocky plans.  See you later!


I understand perfectly, anything that is worth doing takes time, don't strain yourself man this work is solid. 

this gon be the first mod to hit 1 trillion downloads


those are rookie numbers

I never knew I needed this until I saw it. What a great idea.

Is it okay if I can do a video on this TikTok ? I can't provide a link to it, but I can use Hashtags and Leave a msg on Screen saying it can be found on itch.io


its like lego quake

only better

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I've updated the install instructions, sorry about the confusion with the Remastered version!  Original Quake has 2 pak files, while the Remaster has only 1, so Block-Quake's pak2 needs to be renamed to "pak1".  Don't forget to turn off the "enhanced models" or you'll see the enhanced enemies instead.  

The location of the ID1 folder is also different for the Remaster. 
(Quake / rerelease / id1)

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similarly you can create a /quake/block folder and put the files in there, in game run "game block" to run it like a mod.

(2 edits) (-1)

and don't forget to rename "pak2" to "pak0".

EDIT: Why is this downvoted?
If you want to run the mod in a separate folder (instead of copying it into id1), you have to rename the file, otherwise the LEGO models won't be visible.

(1 edit) (+2)

You are technically correct.  Renaming the pak2 to pak0 is true only if you are using the separate folder and manual game launch method.  I was worried this would cause more confusion to new modders and increase the risk of people overriding their original Quake pak0 or Remaster Pak0 if put into the wrong folder.

This "separate-folder-game-launch" method of installation is what I would prefer people to use, but its more of an advanced user preference.  For example, if someone wanted to play Dimensions of the Machine, they would need to have both the "mg1" pak0 and the renamed Block-Quake pak1 in the same folder.  This increases the risk of accidental overriding official paks with mod paks. 

Having the mod in the base id1 folder insures every other mod or addon uses that mod as it's base.  A downside, is this simpler method makes things messy when it's time to remove or uninstall the mod as it risks deleting the base game paks by accident.


Quake has never been cuter


Great stuff!

Really fun stuff Kebby. 

(Really enjoyed your interview on QuakeCast a while back with Dumptruck).  


Dude, this is amazing, thank you so much. Cheers


Very cute! Great job on this.